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  • Multi Air putty P30

    Thanks to a special NANO-filler, it stands out for its particular lightness and strength, has the properties of a filling putty and a finishing putty. Very soft and easy to sand.

  • HS 5:1 Effect F12

    High solids acrylic primer filler. Has excellent adhesion to polyester putties and old paintwork. The presence of a measuring cup in the kit makes the use of this soil more convenient.

  • Carbon putty P50

    Multifunctional lightweight putty reinforced with carbon fibers. Shows excellent mechanical properties and is an excellent choice for repairing automotive parts subject to extreme tension.

  • Multi Fiber putty P70

    It is characterized by a creamy consistency, which makes it easy to process 2-4 mm layers and sand with fine sanding paper. The hardness of the putty excludes the formation of transition boundaries.

  • UHS 4:1 Multifiller 6F

    Multifunctional two-component, high solids PREMIUM acrylic primer.
    Depending on the mixing ratio, it has six main functions:
    - primer
    - filler
    - insulator
    - anti-corrosion
    - primer used for cataphoresis
    - for work in the "wet-on-wet" system